30th May 2014

I made these FOTS (Football Obsessed Teenagers) to go in NikeTown, Oxford Circus.

Bill Callahan

22nd May 2014

My hero in papier mache

Paul Flowers wall hanging

7th May 2014

Former chairman of the Co-op bank and ex-Methodist minister has a fatal penchant for coke, ketamine and cock...

Max Clifford wall hanging

2nd May 2014

Yet another spooky old jellyfish gets his comeuppance

David Moyes

23rd April 2014

A wall hanging to commemorate the football manager, put out of his misery after a disastrous stint at Manchester United.

Lazy Oaf Magazine

22nd April 2014

Interview with me in issue 3 of
Lazy Oaf Magazine.

The former Culture Secretary

13th April 2014

Maria Miller wall hanging.

The former culture secretary resigned recently as part of the ongoing issues with MP's expenses. She has the misfortune to look both prim and slightly piggy.

Morrissey Bull Terrier

3rd April 2014

My homage to the impossible
old bastard.

Paul Brandford

23rd March 2014

This is my friend Paul with the portrait I made of him.

Putin as a boy

4th March 2014


5th February 2014

Matthew is a painter, he works in the same studios as me.

Farrokh Bulsara

28th January 2014

Remembered for his flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals over a four-octave range.

The Dog With the Human Face

8th January 2014

Tonik is a 1-year old Poodle/Shih Tzu mix, up for adoption from a Kentucky kill shelter.

He is not dangerous.


26th December 2013

I just made Mavis, my friend Nat's Welsh Terrier.